St Michael's Club and social events

What We Offer

St Michael’s Club

St Michael's Club is a local Catholic social club. It provides a safe and comfortable place, where children are welcome.

Activities include a pool team on Mondays, games night on Tuesday and quiz night on Wednesday. On Saturday they have bingo, spot the ball and raffles.

The club is open 3 nights a week from 8:00pm until 11:00pm 

The address is 19 Hunter Rd, Sheffield S6 4LE. Contact: The Presbytery

Opening times: Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday.

Functions: parties, wedding receptions, funerals etc

Contact: Tracey Hill 07767420052

Over 60s Christmas party

This lunchtime event is usually held at the beginning of December.

Contact Mary Frain or Annette Murray.

Christmas fayre

Held at the end of November.

Contact Hazel and John Brownell.

Concerts and events

The church is available for concerts and events, large or small, at various times during the year. If you or your group would like to organise a concert or event please contact the parish ministry team via Richard Cooper.

The social ministry arranges many social events for parishioners and the wider community. These are advertised in the weekly bulletin and in the calendar on this website.