Weekly Bulletin



Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Michael Achile Umameh

479 Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2LN.

Telephone: (0114) 2343580

Parish Deacon: Rev.Tony Strike

Parish Priest and Dean: Fr. John Cooke

Parish website: www.sacredheartsheffield.co.uk

Parish email: sacredheart479@gmail.com


Sunday 26th August 2018 – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jacob Hardy will be baptised at 1pm. Congratulations to his family.

There will be a retiring collection today in aid of Caritas’ work with the victims of flooding in India.

Mathew Tew and Theresa Falding will be married here next Saturday 1st September at 12.30pm


Mass Times and Intentions


Saturday 25th August, Vigil, 21st Sunday in Ord. Time 6.30pm Paddy Clarke & Paul King

Sunday 26th August, Mass, 21st Sunday in Ord. Time 10.30am Special Intention of Jayne Kirwan

Monday in the church St Monica 10.00am Bank Holiday

Tuesday in the church St Augustine 9.00am No Mass. Prayer of the Church.

Wednesday in the church Death of St John the Baptist 7.30pm Margaret Sampson

Thursday in the church Ss Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line 2.00pm Janet Hakin’s Funeral Mass

Friday in the church St Aidan of Lindisfarne 11:30am

Saturday in the church World Day of Prayer for Creation 9.00am

Saturday 1st September, Vigil, 22nd Sunday in Ord. Time 6.30pm For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 2nd September, Mass, 22nd Sunday in Ord.Time 10.30am James Robert Edward Cooper


Please note: Monday Masses at Sacred Heart in September will start at 9.15am.

Mass at Kirk Edge Monastery each day at 8am. Wednesdays: Rosary & Novena, 7.00pm in the Church.

Saturdays: 8.45am Morning Prayer, 9am Mass, 10am to 11am Confessions & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, but not Saturday 1st September


Janet Hakin died on Tuesday, 7th August. Her funeral Mass, led by Fr Shaun, will be here on Thursday, 30th August at 2pm, followed by cremation at Grenoside at 3.30pm. Janet’s family have the assurance of our prayers. May she rest in peace.


Please pray for those who have died recently, and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Kathleen Humphries, Evelyn Darling, Catherine Longden, Catherine Slater, Chloe Yale, Eunice Connolly, Beatrice Camsell, Frank & Elizabeth Handley, Kathleen Broughton, Violet Cooper, Fr Pat McDermott, Sally MacDonald, Paddy Clarke, Helen Parks, Norah Brennan, Agnes Mawhood, Sophia McDonald, Terry McKeown, Carmel Louise Hallam and Maureen Williams. May they rest in peace.

Please pray for all those unwell at home or in hospital.

Thank you for last week’s collection of £ 435.94, plus your regular standing orders of £ 417.00 per week.


Mass information for 1st & 2nd September – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Announcers: Paul Zadik (Saturday) David Wilkinson (Sunday)

Readers: Ann Fleet, David Barrett, Annette Murray (Saturday)

George Brownell, Bronagh Ross, Jayne Kirwan (Sunday)

Eucharistic Ministers: Mario Castellino, Malcolm Fleet*, Jayne Kirwan (Saturday)

Vicky Moss, Monique Fournier,* Chris Grant, Hilary Green, Chris Hibberd (Sunday)

Children’s Liturgy: In the Hall

Holy Communion Visits at home. If you know of anyone who needs to receive Holy Communion at home, please ring the parish on 2343580. Patient in hospital: Ring the voicemail on 2714999.

Church Cleaning: Saturday, 8th September, 11am: Group 2: June Corrigan, Ann Fleet, Malcolm Fleet, Stella House, Pauline McConnon, Helen Woods

St Vincent de Paul: Mondays at 7.30pm. Contact Chris Ashton

Toddler & Baby Group: Not until further notice.

Choir Rehearsals: Next rehearsal: Tuesday 4th September 7.30pm: Contact Barbara Hartley

Art Class: Wednesdays 10am in the sacristy: Contact Barbara Beatson.

Contact Club: Wednesdays 1.30pm. In the Sacristy.

Youth Friendship: Years 6,7 & 8. contact Fran Shiel


Baptism Course for First Time Parents: 2nd & 9th of September 10am in the Presbytery


India Flood Appeal: Kerala the southernmost state of India has had rain for the better part of 2 and a half months. People have had to move to relief camps as the ravaging waters have inundated everything. The appeal letter put out by Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai is on the notice board at the back of church. There will be a retiring collection today and the proceeds will go to Caritas.


Parish fund raising: In 2000, the parish produced a “Covenant with the Poor” which among other things such as prayer and action we pledged to raise money for local and overseas charities (particularly CAFOD).We have moved on since then and now support Rustenburg and Trussell Trust, as well as those on the original list. Many of those in the original Justice and Peace Group have left the parish, are now getting on in years, some are sick or unfortunately have died. I would like to see a revival of a group of parishioners who coordinate this fundraising, although I know many people already do their own bit. We have not for a few years made decisions about who will receive funding and I think this should be a decision for the whole parish. Therefore, there will be a meeting on Tuesday 11th of September in the sacristy at 7:30pm. Please come and make your opinions known, you will not be committing yourself to any role. Ailsa Rodgers


St Wilfrid’s Centre needs volunteers: Woodworking Workshop Volunteers (especially on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning 10am – 12.30pm) Cafe volunteers (Friday morning or on a “fill in” basis) Welcomer (Thursday morning 10am – 1pm) If any of the above roles are of interest, please contact Tracey tracey@stwilfridscentre.org to find out more.


Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress “Adoremus” Liverpool 7th to 9th September 2018: The bishops of England and Wales will hold a National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress in Liverpool this year. Eucharistic Congresses are gatherings of clergy, religious and laity which promote an awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Church. If you would like to be one of six parish delegates for Saturday 8th September, then please give your name to Richard by email on sacredheart479@btinternet.com or telephone 0114 2343580. The diocese will be organising coaches to get to and from Liverpool.



(Fr. Michael’s Reflection)

Lord, to whom shall we go?

The language and experience of faith can often be challenging. At times when we come to a crossroad of life or to life's darkest hours: the blinding light of the mysteries of faith, the irreparable loss of a loved one, the heart-breaking end of a relationship, lonely experiences of ageing and illness, career disappointments or perhaps an ongoing dissatisfaction with one’s life. We may be deeply troubled by the deafening silence of God and prayer seems empty and ineffective: Christ asks us “Trust in God; trust also in me.” (John 14:1). Resolve to persevere through that metaphoric dark night of soul, this may be a rite of passage in becoming a person of spiritual substance, a person of solid faith and trust and perhaps leads you to find a new understanding and meaning in life.

The Christian life is a life long journey, the good news is that we are not alone, Christ walks with us nourishing us by his Word and Sacraments. The clarity of Thomas Merton’s prayer speaks to us: My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. Therefore, will I trust you always, I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone. Peter asks on our behalf always: Lord, to whom shall we go? Jesus answers: Come to me! (Matt 11: 28). Today, the church encourages us to choose Christ always.


Please join us for refreshments in the hall after Mass

Further Announcements

Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Fiona O'Farrell and Andrew Hartley. For non-urgent matters, please contact Fiona on 07955 234602, or in church after Mass on Sunday. For urgent matters go to the Hallam Safeguarding Team on 2566453.

School Job Vacancies are on the screen notice board at the back of church and also on the Diocesan website.

Bereavement Support: If you would like support at either Sacred Heart or St Marie's, please call the presbytery on 2343580 and your request will be passed to Sr Maire or Janina Klapas.


MONTHLY FIRST FRIDAY DEVOTION TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS: 6-7pm on the 7th September, we shall have our monthly first Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This consists of an hour adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. There will be a moment of personal prayer, Spiritual Reading: A meditation before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Collective prayer: The Divine Mercy Chaplet. Celebration of Benediction


Gift Aid: The tax the parish can reclaim from HMRC is an important source of income and we would like to encourage any taxpayers who do not currently make their offering under Gift Aid to consider doing so. It is the best way of increasing your offering without it costing you more, since currently, the government will increase each £1 of your personal offering by a further 25p.For the parish to reclaim the tax on your offering, you, the taxpayer, need to make a Gift Aid declaration and we, the parish, need to have a record of the date and amount of your offerings. Offerings can be by standing order, cheque or cash in a numbered offertory envelope. Your Gift Aid Declaration will cover all donations recorded by the parish, You will find Gift Aid declaration forms at the back of church near the hymn books. When you have completed the form, please hand it either to the presbytery or drop it through the letterbox. Please be assured that the administration of Gift Aid is completely confidential. If you have any questions about Gift Aid, please call Janina Klapas (2343580). If you are considering making a gift to the Church in your will, information can be obtained by contacting the presbytery. Thank you for your continuing support. It is very much appreciated. Offertory envelopes are at the back of church. If you want to start using envelopes, please let us know.

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