Bulletin 12 May 2019


Priest-in-Charge: Fr. Michael Achile Umameh

479 Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2LN.

Telephone: (0114) 2343580

Parish Deacon: Rev.Tony Strike

Parish Priest and Dean: Fr. John Cooke

Parish website: www.sacredheartsheffield.co.uk

Parish email: sacredheart479@gmail.com


Sunday 12th May 2019 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

First Holy Communion Mass 1


There will be a second collection at this weekend’s Masses in aid of the Priests’ Training Fund

Next Sunday will be First Holy Communion Mass 2


Mass Times and Intentions


Saturday 11th May in the church Vigil Mass, 4th Sunday of Easter 6.30pm Anne and John Watters

Sunday, 12th May in the church Mass, 4th Sunday of Easter 11.00am For the People of the Parish


Monday in the church Our Lady of Fatima 9.00am

  1. in the church St Mattias, Apostle 9.00am Prayer of the Church (No Mass)

Wednesday in the church 7.30pm

Thursday in the church 9.00am

Friday in the church 11.30am Paul Hussey

Saturday in the church 9.00am


Saturday 18th May in the church Vigil, 5th Sunday of Easter 6.30pm Anthony O’Farrell

Sunday 19th May in the church 5th Sunday of Easter 11.00am For the People of the Parish


Mass at Kirk Edge Monastery each day at 8am. Saturdays: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, confessions 10am to 11am.


Please pray for those who have died recently, and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time:

John Moore, Arthur Procter, George Edward Sarratt, Edward Allen, Tony Fitzgerald, Liam Darren West, Joe Byrne, George Burkin, Vera Walker, Ben Casey, Angela Bowyer, Chris Marriot, Margaret Dearden, Ron Moore, John Easter, Eileen Ejogbamu, Alfred Madin, Philip Harte, Anthony O’Farrell and Kathleen Parkes. May they rest in peace.


Please also pray for all those unwell at home or in hospital - and for all those who care for the sick.


Thank you for last week’s collection, plus your regular standing orders of £417.00.


Please join us for refreshments in the hall after Mass



Mass information for 18th & 19th May – Fifth Sunday of Easter


Announcers: Annette Murray (Saturday) TBA (Sunday). Readers: Anita Gibson, Christine Trebicka, David Barrett (Saturday). TBA (Sunday). Eucharistic Ministers: Malcolm Fleet, Jayne Kirwan*, Enrico Castellino. (Saturday).

Mike Nadin, Juliet White*, Barbara parker, Harry Priestley, Rebecca LeCount (Sunday)


Children’s Liturgy: Break for First Holy Communion Sundays and Half Term. Children’s Liturgy resumes on 9th June.

Holy Communion Visits at home: If you know of anyone who needs to receive Holy Communion at home, please ring the Parish on 2343580 or Chris Ashton on 2962514. Patient in hospital: Ring the voicemail on 2714999.

Church Cleaning: Please see the rota on the notice board in the church porch.

St Vincent de Paul: Mondays at 7.30pm.

Choir Rehearsals: Next rehearsals: Tuesday 4th June, 7.30pm

Art Class: Wednesdays 10am in the presbytery

Youth Friendship: Fridays in the Presbytery, 6.30 to 8.00pm. Years 6,7 & 8. Here are the dates for 2019:

24th May, 7th June, 21st June, 5th July, 12th July (Gelato Trip).


First Holy Communion Mass 2: next Sunday, 19th May, 11am

Ring of Coins, 2019: The total this year was £420.15. Many thanks for your generous donations.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance: We are again collecting red, blue & green (only) clean milk bottle tops to support this service. There is a box in the church porch. Thank you.



(Fr. Michael’s Homily)

Good Shepherd Sunday: My Sheep Hear My Voice

This great identification of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is one that has captivated the Christian imagination for two thousand years. One of the most beautiful depictions of Jesus from the early centuries is a statue of a young, beardless man holding a sheep over his shoulders. It's an image, which has come out of the agrarian culture of the first century, and one that ancient Israelites would be very familiar with. To the rural people who were his first followers, this image was natural. Shepherds guarded, guided, protected, and watched over their flocks - just as God guards, guides, protects and watches over Israel.


Now what precisely makes Jesus the Good Shepherd? The Good Shepherd is so other-oriented, so devoted to his sheep that he is willing to surrender his life that they might live. In his risen life, he calls us to be shepherds, to imitate him by giving our lives away in self-sacrificing love. Parents are shepherds for their children. Spouses are shepherds for each other. Believers are shepherds in the midst of neighbours, looking out for one another and having each other’s back, giving courage in the face of fear, giving faith in the face of uncertainty. In a special way Christ, the Good Shepherd is calling us too into the priestly and religious life. As Bishop Ralph stated in his pastoral letter for vocation Sunday, 2019: “Now, I believe, is the time to be bold enough and reclaim the vocation culture in our parishes, our schools, and in our homes. Vocations promotion is the work of the Holy Spirit and prayer is at the heart. If we do not ask for vocations, we should not expect vocations. This is why I am launching a prayer campaign for vocations in the diocese today”


In concluding the pastoral letter Bishop Ralph cited the message of Pope Francis thus: “Do not be deaf to the Lord’s call. If He calls you to follow this path, do not pull your oars into the boat, but trust Him”.

Jesus stands at the door of our hearts knocking: Come, follow me (Matt 4:19). May we have the courage to listen and heed the call.



Volunteers Needed – Carmel Care Lunch Club: 172 Dykes Hall Road S9 4GS: Carmel Care is seeking to recruit two volunteers to set up and run a Lunch Club for adults at Carmel Care. If you are aged 18 or over, able to relate to people with respect and understanding, and willing to give a few hours each week we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Anne Jenkinson (Co-ordinator) 07305 476 987 carmelcarecoordinator@hallam-diocese.com

Regular Giving to support Sacred Heart Church: Offertory Envelopes for 2019-2020 to be used from 7th April are now available at the back of church. If you have not used envelopes for your Offertory donation in the past and would like to start now, please put your name and address on the list near the envelopes and they will be ready for you to collect next weekend. Parishioners who prefer to give regularly by standing order since this is an efficient and convenient method. There’s no need for cash or to write cheques. If you would like to donate by standing order please set this up with your bank. The parish bank account details are Sort Code: 40-41-47 Account no: 21094319.Whether you give by envelope or by standing order, if you are a taxpayer the best way to increase the value of your donations, without it costing you anymore, is to complete a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid allows the church to claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 you donate, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. Gift Aid declaration forms are also available near the envelopes. Please place completed forms in the Sacristy. As a church community, we are encouraged to increase the amount we give to support our church as income is failing to keep up with growing expenses. Please consider if it is possible to give a bit more. Thank you for everything you already give and do in any way.


Please consider making your offertory donations to the Parish via Standing Order. Our account details:

Diocese of Hallam Sacred Heart - Sort code 404107 - Account no. 21094319


Diocesan Job Vacancies are on the screen notice board at the back of church - and also the Diocesan website.


Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Fiona O'Farrell. For non-urgent matters, please contact Fiona in church after Mass on Sunday. For urgent matters go to the Hallam Safeguarding Team on 2566453.

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