Bulletin 4 August 2019


479 Langsett Road, Sheffield S6 2LN

Priest in Charge – Michael Umameh

Parish Deacon – Rev. Tony Strike Parish Priest and Dean: Fr. John Cooke

sacredheart479@btinternet.com www.sacredheartsheffield.co.uk

Tel 01142343580

Sunday 4 August 2019 – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Patrick Cockerill & Harriet Dearden will be married here on Saturday 10 August at 1:00pm.

Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 3 August, Vigil

18th Sunday Ordinary Time


For the People of the Parish

Sunday 4 August


For the People of Sweden, the deceased of the Wiseman family

Monday in the church

Dedication, the Basilica of St Mary Major


Mary Ikhisemojie

Tuesday in the church

Transfiguration of the Lord


Prayer of the Church (No Mass)

Wednesday in the church

Ss Sixtus II & Cajetan



Thursday in the church

St Dominic


Mary Ikhisemojie

Friday in the church

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)


Elizabeth Johnson

Saturday in the church

Patrick Cockerill & Harriet Dearden



Saturday 10 August, Vigil

19th Sunday Ordinary Time


For the People of the Parish

Sunday 11 August


  • Mass at Kirk Edge Monastery each day at 8.00am.

  • Saturdays: Adoration, Confessions 10.00 to 11.00am, but no Confessions or Adoration on Saturday 10 August.

  • Please join us for refreshments in the Hall after Mass.

Please pray for those who have died recently, and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Sadie Horton, Olive Purdy, Patricia Abdulla, Nora Owens, Harry Hibbert, Gerald Dawson, Christopher Smith, Thomas Reed Scott, Elizabeth Johnson, Alex Barker, Phylipa Robinson, Annie Elizabeth Mansell, Janet Hakin, Edward Cashin, William Cummins, Zigmunt Gegniewicz, Eileen Vickers and Teresa Whitehouse. May they rest in peace.

Please also pray for all those unwell at home or in hospital - and for all those who care for the sick.

Thank you for the last week’s collection of £ 416.00, plus your regular standing orders of £390.50.

Mass information for 10 & 11 August, 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time





Pauline McConnon

John Brennan


Anita Gibson

Malcolm Fleet

Ann Fleet

Ailsa Rodgers

Brian Marsden

David Wilkinson

Eucharistic Ministers

Francesca Esposito

Alison Woodhead*

David Raynes

Vicky Moss

Monique Fournier*

Chris Grant

Hilary Green

Chris Hibberd

Children’s Liturgy


No Children’s Liturgy until September

Holy Communion Visits at home: If you know of anyone who needs to receive Holy Communion at home, please ring the Parish on 2343580. Patient in hospital: ring the voicemail on 2714999.

Church Cleaning: Group 2 – Saturday 17 August, 9.30am: J Corrigan, M&A Fleet, S&J House, P McConnon, H Woods.

Group 3 – Thursday 29 August, Pat Deakin, Anita Gibson, Andrew & Ailsa Rodgers.

St Vincent de Paul: Mondays at 7.30pm in the presbytery. Chris Ashton

Choir Rehearsals: Next rehearsal Tuesday 3 September 7.30pm: Barbara Hartley

Art Class: Wednesdays 10.00am in the presbytery: Barbara Beatson

Youth Friendship: Years 6,7 & 8. Fridays 6.30 – 8.00pm in the presbytery. Will re-start in September

Sacred Heart Parish Council: Council met recently. Here are the main points from the discussion: Justice and Peace – the current funds for this group were presented following the Ring of Coins Collection and other donations. Church Website – new work is to be undertaken to update and improve the current website. Sacred Heart Centenary 2020 – there is already much enthusiasm and interest in how we might celebrate. Several volunteers have already come forward to be part of a sub- committee, BUT there is still a chance for more people to get involved. Any ideas for events, activities, liturgy, fund raisers, displays – indeed anything fitting – can be submitted to the group who will co-ordinate. It is hoped the first meeting of this group will take place in August. We want to make this a year to remember! The Centenary Year of Events will be launched in just a few weeks’ time with a Mass on 15 September. Next Parish Council Meeting - 22 August, 7.30pm in the Presbytery.

Mass Booking: Please contact Richard on 2343580 or sacredheart479@gmail.com to arrange a Mass for a date of your choice, or give your request in writing to Fr Michael.

St Wilfrid’s Centre: Are you an experienced runner or need a new challenge after your Summer holiday? Why not sign up and be part of the St Wilfrid’s running team for the famous Sheffield 10k on Sunday, 22 September? Interested? We ask that you raise minimum of £80 in sponsorship. This includes your running place, a St Wilfrid’s t-shirt and plenty of friendly support! To reserve you place email: mads@stwilfridscentre.org – places still available.

The Evidence of Grace

(Fr. Michael’s Homily)

Surrounded by Wealth, Blind to Charity

In a commentary by Cyril of Alexandria on today’s Gospel (Lk 12:13-21), he states: "'What does the rich man do, surrounded by a great supply of many blessings beyond all numbering? He says, 'I will say to myself, "Self, you have goods laid up for many years. Eat, drink, and enjoy yourself." 'O rich man,' one may say, "You have storehouses for your fruits, but where will you receive your many years? As Jesus warns in the Gospel, a man’s life is not secured by what he owns. Trust in God is the greatest security. To make Christ our greatest treasure is the sole aim of the Chris-tian life: Now the life you have is hidden with Christin God (Col. 3:3).

We must take care to guard against the folly that befell the rich man. We are blessed in life to enable us bless others. God loves a cheerful giver and give, for gift will be given to you, a good measure. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. We can harden our hearts in ways more subtle but no less ruinous. We can put our trust in possessions, squabble over earthly inheritances, mislead ourselves that what we have we deserve, store up treasures and think they will afford us security and rest. All this is “vanity of vanities,” a false and deadly way of living.

This is the greed that Jesus warns against in this week’s Gospel. The rich man’s anxiety and toil expose his lack of faith in God’s care and provision. That’s why Paul calls greed “idolatry” in the Epistle this week. Mistaking having for being, possession for existence, we forget that God is the giver of all that we have. We exalt the things we can make or buy over our Maker.

This is the reason Jesus calls the rich man a “fool”— someone who rebels against God or has forgotten Him (Psalm 14:1). We should treasure most the new life we have been given in Christ and seek what is above, the promised inher-itance of heaven. We must see all things in the light of eternity, mindful that He who gives us the breath of life could at any moment—this hour even—demand it back from us.

Lord Jesus, free my heart from all possessiveness and from coveting what belongs to another. May I desire you alone as the one true treasure worth possessing above all else. Help me to make good use of the material blessings you give me that I may use them generously for your glory and for the good of others. And may I be rich in God! Amen.

Further Announcements

Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Fiona O'Farrell and Andrew Hartley. For non-urgent matters, please contact Fiona in church after Mass on Sunday. For urgent matters go to the Hallam Safeguarding Team on 2566453.

Sacred Heart Memorial Garden: We have plots available to reserve in our memorial garden. Plots cost £300 each, including a plaque and the right to inter ashes. For more details, please contact Richard at the Presbytery on 2343580 or sacredheart479@gmail.com.

Donations: Please consider making your offertory donations to the Parish via Standing Order. Parishioners may prefer to give regularly by standing order since this is an efficient and convenient method. There’s no need for cash or to write cheques. If you would like to donate by standing order, please set this up with your bank. The parish bank account details are Sort Code: 40-41-47 Account no. 21094319. Whether you give by envelope or by standing order, if you are a taxpayer the best way to increase the value of your donations, without it costing you anymore, is to complete a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid allows the church to claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 you donate, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. Gift Aid declaration forms are also available at the back of church. Please place completed forms in the Sacristy. As a church community, we are encouraged to increase the amount we give to support our church as income is failing to keep up with growing expenses. Please consider if it is possible to give a bit more. Thank you for everything you already give and do in any way.

Volunteers Needed – Carmel Care Lunch Club: 172 Dykes Hall Road S9 4GS: Carmel Care is seeking to recruit two volunteers to set up and run a Lunch Club for adults at Carmel Care. If you are aged 18 or over, able to relate to people with respect and understanding, and willing to give a few hours each week we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Anne Jenkinson (Co-ordinator) 07305 476 987 carmelcarecoordinator@hallam-diocese.com

Diocesan Job Vacancies are on the screen notice board at the back of church. Also on the Diocesan website.

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