Bulletin 27 October 2019


Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Achile Umameh Parish Deacon: Rev. Tony Strike

479 Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2LN Telephone: (0114) 2343580

Parish website: www.sacredheartsheffield.co.uk Parish email: sacredheart479@gmail.com

Sunday 27th October 2019 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jorgie Wilson will be baptised here at 1pm today. Congratulations to her family.

Mass Times and Intentions

Saturday 26th October in the church Vigil, 30th Sunday in Ord. Time


For the People of the Parish

Sunday 27th October in the church Mass, 30th Sunday in Ord. Time

11.00 am

Sheila Dorothy Ward & Paul Thomas Ward

Monday in the church Ss Simon & Jude, Apostles

9.00 am

Jubilarians, SP

Tuesday in the church St Colman

9.00 am

Prayer of the Church (No Mass)

Wednesday in the church

7.30 pm


Thursday in the church

9.00 am


Friday in the church


Richard Jaba

Friday in the church All Saints Holy Day Evening Mass


All the Faithful Departed

Saturday in the church All Souls Mass

10.00 am

Jubilarians, SP

Saturday 2nd November in the church Vigil, 31st Sunday in Ord. Time

6.30 pm

Mary Coe and Frank & Lena Murray

Sunday 3rd November in the church Mass, 31st Sunday in Ord. Time


For the People of the Parish

·       Mass at Kirk Edge Monastery each day at 8am

·       Saturdays at Sacred Heart: Adoration, confessions 10am to 11am.

Please pray for those who have died recently, and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Gerald Austin Butler, Marion McKerrow, Winifred Kilner, Sara Denning, Kevin Murray, Leonard Monfredi, Kenneth Croft, Bernard Leach, Hubert Maloney, Cassie Hayward, George Eyre, Fanny Ahern, John Purdy, Alice McLevy, George Davies, Diana Holding, Lena Murray, Raymond Summerbell, Joyce Summerbell and Richard Jaba. May they rest in peace.

Please also pray for Elizabeth Maycock and all those unwell at home or in hospital - and for all those who care for the sick.

Thank you for the last week’s collection of £595.34, plus your regular standing orders of £432.35.  


Mass information for 2nd & 3rd November – 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday 2nd November

Announcer: TBA

Readers: TBA

Eucharistic Ministers:

·       Steve McGarry

·       Walter Mswaka

·       Tina Varley

Sunday 3rd November:

Announcer: Ailsa Rodgers


·       Katie Unwin

·       Darren McDonnell

Eucharistic Ministers:

·       Jane Higgins

·       David Wilkinson

·       Chris Ashton

·       Vicky Moss*

·       Monique Fournier

Children’s Liturgy: TBA

Holy Communion Visits at home: If you know of anyone who needs to receive Holy Communion at home, please ring the Parish on 2343580. Patient in hospital:  Ring the voicemail on 2714999. 

Church Cleaning

·       Sat. 9th November: Group 4: A Purdy, A Windle, R Gillott, J Klapas

·       Sat. 23rd November 11am: Group 1: A Larkin, J McDonnell, A&L Murray, J&C Uwaoma

St Vincent de Paul: Mondays at 7.30pm. Chris Ashton

Choir Rehearsals: Next rehearsal: Tuesday 5th November,7.30pm: Barbara Hartley

Art Class: Wednesdays 10am in the presbytery. Barbara Beatson

Youth Friendship: Fridays in the Presbytery, 6.30 to 8.00pm. Years 6,7& 8. Dates for 2019: 8th Nov, 22nd Nov, 6th Dec, 20th Dec. Fran Shiel

November Dead List: Please use the envelopes at the back of church to request Masses for the deceased during November. Put the names and any donations into the envelope and hand into the offertory, presbytery or Fr Michael. All names will be entered into the November Dead List book in St Mary’s Chapel.

Operation Christmas Child - Shoebox Appeal: Fill a shoebox with gifts to send to needy children around the world as an ex-pression of God's love. Pick up a pre-printed shoebox and leaflet from the church porch and return your filled box by Sunday, 10th November. You can use an ordinary shoebox and cover it yourself if you wish. The leaflet explains what items are not al-lowed. A significant change this year is that we cannot send toothpaste and sweets/chocolate due to tougher import regulations. If you have any questions, please call or text Janina on 0774 267 1268. On behalf of the children, thank you for your support.

An invitation from Hallam Justice and Peace Commission to meet and consider our response to the message of Pope Francis in preparation for the World Day for the Poor. Saturday 9th November 2019 9.30am-2.15 pm, at St. Wilfred’s Centre, 524 Queen’s Road, Sheffield S2 4DT. Tea and coffee will be provided, please bring your own lunch.

Deeper in Faith: The group who completed the Journey in Faith program last year wanted to continue their faith journey be-yond the program. We would like to open the invitation to the whole Parish. Father Michael will lead our first session on the ‘Seasons of the Church’ at 6pm on Sunday, November 10th.  Future sessions will take place on the second Sunday of each month. We want participants to influence this programme. We will regularly discuss subjects that the group would like to cover in future sessions and we will do our best to find speakers to cover those topics. We hope you can join us! Ben Curran

Christmas Fayre: Sunday, 24th November - Parish Christmas Fayre – Yes, Christmas is coming so please put the date in your diary! The Fayre will start after Sunday morning Mass, with lunch refreshments available.  It provides both a social and fundraising opportunity for the parish and relies on your help for its success. A sign-up sheet for volunteers is on the notice board at the back of church, please consider how you can help and add your name to the sheet. We are also asking for help with donations of new / as new items suitable for resale and for donations of items suitable for use as raffle prizes. (Please leave dona-tions in the box in the church porch). Please consider how you can help with the fundraising. Donating unwanted gifts or gift vouchers or using store loyalty points to donate a suitable raffle prize may be something you could do. Any other offers of help or ideas for the Fayre please contact Lucy or Michael on 2348713 or lucylecount@yahoo.co.uk, or speak to Lucy after weekend Mass. Thank You

The Sheffield Walsingham Association is hoping to organise a pilgrimage to Walsingham on Monday, 9th December. Contact: Francesca Flynn


(Fr. Michael’s Homily)

God Hears the Prayer of the Humble

Today’s readings call us to serve those in need and to accept our own poverty with humility. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the man who humbles himself will be exalted (Luke 18:14). Humility is the foundation of an effective life of prayer. Jesus reinforced this warning with a vivid story of two people at prayer. Why did the Lord accept one person's prayer and reject the other's prayer? Luke gives us a hint: despising one's neighbour closes the door to God's heart. Jesus' parable speaks about the nature of prayer and our relationship with God. It does this by contrasting two very different attitudes towards prayer. The Pharisee, who represented those who take pride in their religious practices, exalted himself at the expense of others. He says of himself: “I am not like the rest of men, I am not like this tax collector here, I fast, I pay tithes”. Absorbed with his own sense of self-satisfaction and self-congratulation, his boastful prayer was centred on his good religious practices rather than on God's goodness, grace, and pardon. But the tax collector, who represents those despised by religious-minded people, humbled himself before God and begged for mercy: “God be merciful to me a sinner”. His prayer was heard by God because he had true sorrow for his sins. He sought God with humility rather than with pride.True humility is a launch pad for effective prayer and gives strength for selfless service and hospitality. Here Christ becomes our greatest example and model for he emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, ...who humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross (Phil. 2:7-8). Christ humbled himself and served. God will most often exalt us when we take the lowest and lowly places; Share our meals with the poor, needy and downtrodden; forgive our enemies and confess our sins; learn each day to wash the feet of others by our service. Speak up for the voiceless and defenceless among us. For those who go regularly on their knees before God are usually granted the graced confidence to stand publicly before men. God for sure will lift us up when we exalt Him by preaching the gospel in words and action to our world. And this is the Christian mission. And the rewards are made clear in the first reading (Eccl. 3512-14); the humble man’s prayer pierces the clouds and God will accept his petitions. It is written, 'God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble' (1 Peter 5:5).

·       Please join us for refreshments in the Hall after Mass.


Centenary Celebrations: As part of this event, a group is looking at putting together a presentation on the history of Sacred Heart Parish and we would like to get as many photos and artefacts as possible to display. If you have anything – photos or indeed any memorabilia – that would reflect the history of the parish, we would love to use them. Please leave any contributions clearly named and securely packaged in the sacristy. Another group is hoping to put together a Parish Prayer Book and want to include your favourite prayers. These could be added to the Suggestions Board at the back of church. Many thanks.

Volunteers Needed – Carmel Care Lunch Club: 172 Dykes Hall Road S9 4GS: Carmel Care is seeking to recruit two volunteers to set up and run a Lunch Club for adults at Carmel Care. If you are aged 18 or over, able to relate to people with respect and understanding, and willing to give a few hours each week we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Anne Jenkinson (Co-ordinator) 07305 476 987 carmelcarecoordinator@hallam-diocese.com

Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Fiona O'Farrell. For non-urgent matters, please contact Fiona in church after Mass on Sunday. For urgent matters go to the Hallam Safeguarding Team on 2566453.

Please consider making your offertory donations to the Parish via Standing Order: Parishioners may prefer to give regularly by standing order since this is an efficient and convenient method. There’s no need for cash or to write cheques. If you would like to donate by standing order, please set this up with your bank. The parish bank account details are Sort Code: 40-41-47 Account no. 21094319. Whether you give by envelope or by standing order, if you are a taxpayer the best way to increase the value of your donations, without it costing you anymore, is to complete a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid allows the church to claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 you donate, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. Gift Aid declaration forms are also available at the back of church. Please place completed forms in the Sacristy. As a church community, we are encouraged to increase the amount we give to support our church as income is failing to keep up with growing expenses.  Please consider if it is possible to give a bit more. Thank you for everything you already give and do in any way.

For Mass Booking: Please contact Richard on 2343580 or sacredheart479@gmail.com to arrange a Mass for a date of your choice or give your request in writing to Fr Michael.

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