Weekly Bulletin 24th November 2019


Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Achile Umameh

Parish Deacon: Rev. Tony Strike.

479 Langsett Road, Sheffield, S6 2LN. Telephone: (0114) 2343580

Parish website: www.sacredheartsheffield.co.uk Parish email: sacredheart479@gmail.com

Sunday 24th November 2019 – Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Today, World Youth Day, is a Family Mass led by the children


Mass Times and Intentions


Saturday 23rd November in the church Vigil, Christ the King 6.30 pm Frederick Byrne, Romualdo

Pope St Clement I Aquino, Jeanne Dimberline, Marie Hart

Sunday 24th November in the church Mass, Christ the King 11.00am Cesar Tan, Hogan Family

Monday in the church 9.00 am Fransisco Cansino, Saunders

Family & safe arrival of Thomas Leo Strain

Tuesday in the church 9.00 am Prayer of the Church (No Mass)

Wednesday in the church 7.30 pm Benjamin Salazar, Garcia-Ramada

Family, All souls in Pergatory

Thursday in the church 9.00 am Patricia Davis, Peadar Hensey, Hill &

Wotton Family

Friday in the church Ss Mary & Joseph 11.30 am Marie Jean Refugio, Minervina Manayan

Intentions of Marie O’Hara

Saturday in the church St Andrew, Apostle 9.00 am Pavol Papco (For Healing)

Saturday 30th November in the church Vigil, 1st Sunday of Advent 6.30 pm Roberto, Maria, Rhea & Gloria


Sunday 1st December in the church Mass, 1st Sunday of Advent 11.00 am James & Violet Cooper and the

deceased members of the Cardis and Piascecki families

Mass at Kirk Edge Monastery each day at 8am. Saturdays at Sacred Heart: Adoration, confessions 10am to 11am.


Please pray for Patricia Turner and those who have died recently, and for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: John Henry McLevy, Edward Mellor, Keith Haywood, Tony Bentley, Len Beatson, Hannah Ruth Williams, Stefan Neubauer, Patricia Deakin, Margaret Kay, Bill Turner, Glynn Robinson, Sadie Lavell, Jean Boxall, Christine Hodgetts, John Brendon O’Leary, Mark Fagan, Wilfred Gell, Alice Kenna, Margaret Saville, Bryan Noon, Mary Sayles, Katrina Somers, Clare Sharrock, Marjorie Hayward, Kevin Williams, Veara Parker, Hilaire D’Roza, Jason Fawley, John O’Connor, Carol Ann Adio, Joan Fox and Edmund Costello. May they rest in peace.


Please also pray for those unwell at home or in hospital – and for all those who care for the sick.

Thank you for the last week’s collection of £ 584.84, plus your regular standing orders of £432.35.

The collection for Sick & Retired Clergy raised £134.01. Thank you


Mass information for 30th November & 1st December – First Sunday of Advent


Saturday 30th November: Announcer: Clarissa Mswaka Readers: Paul Zadik, Annette Murray, Pauline McConnon

Eucharistic Ministers: Francesca Esposito, Alison Woodhead*, David Raymnes

Sunday 1st December: Announcer: Gerard Strain Readers: Darren McDonnell, John Brennan, Ailsa Rodgers

Eucharistic Ministers: jane Higgins, David Wilkinson, Chris Ashton, Vicky Moss, Monique Fournier*

Children’s Liturgy: Group 1:Debbie Group 2: Magdalene

Holy Communion Visits at home: If you know of anyone who needs to receive Holy Communion at home, please ring the Parish on 2343580. Patient in hospital: Ring the voicemail on 2714999.

Church Cleaning: Sat. 7th Dec.11am: Group 2: J Corrigan, M & A Fleet, S & J House, P McConnon, H Woods

Thurs. 19th Dec. 9.30 am: Group 3: P Deakin, A Gibson, A&A Rodgers

St Vincent de Paul: Mondays at 7.30pm. Contact Chris Ashton

Choir Rehearsals: Next rehearsal: Tuesday 3rd December,7.30pm: contact Barbara Hartley

Art Class: Wednesdays 10am in the presbytery. Contact Barbara Beatson .

Youth Friendship: Fridays in the Presbytery, 6.30 to 8.00pm. Years 6,7& 8. Dates for 2019: 22nd Nov, 6th Dec, 20th Dec. contact Fran Shiel


Christmas Fayre: Sunday, 24th November: The Parish Christmas Fayre is being held in the hall after this Sunday's Family Mass. Please come along to enjoy some early Christmas fun with stalls, raffle, games, Santa's Grotto and refreshments.

Weekly Bulletins: As Fr Michael has announced, for many years now we have subscribed to the Redemptorist Mass Sheet which has also doubled as our weekly newsletter. More recently, by far the vast majority of these sheets have been left in church at the end of Mass resulting in them being consigned to the recycling bin! At a cost of c£1,400 a year, this is quite an expensive outlay and so it would seem both better for the environment and more cost effective to purchase sets of Mass Books for Sunday use. Further to this, and to cover much of the cost of these books, Dedications can be purchased so that our loved ones can be named and remembered each week as the Mass Books are used. More details of these Dedications will follow in the next few weeks. An in-house newsletter with the weekly announcements will be produced at a much-reduced cost and we would encourage as many as people as possible to sign up for the emailed newsletter. This will, of course, still be available on the website. We will continue to purchase the Children's Sheet which is still popular.

Parish Census: Please take a census form from the back of church and return your completed form either to the box in the church porch or the presbytery. The information will help us compile a new Parish Register. Thank you.

Quietly Getting Ready for Advent: An opportunity to reflect, pray, listen to God’s word, sing, and be still, in preparation for the season of Advent. Sacred Heart Church, Sunday 1st December, 6 to 7pm. Please join us and let us know, in order that we can prepare drinks for everyone. 0114 2343580, sacredheart479@gmail.com. See the poster in church.

Live Simply Advent Supper: Friday 13th December 7:30 pm at St Vincent's Church S10 1GY. Notre Dame students’ talk about Care for Creation. Simple Supper Quirky Quiz. £5.00 pp £2.50 under 16s (proceeds to Daughters of Charity and Medical Missionaries of Mary work in Africa) Contact Richard for further details - 2343580

Carol Concert, St Marie’s Cathedral, Wednesday 18th December, 7.30pm. St Wilfrid’s & BeVox choirs will be performing in aid of St Wilfrid’s Centre. Tickets £6 from , helen@stwilfridscentre.org, or e-tickets at ticketsforgood.co.uk/CarolConcert2019.



(Fr. Michael’s Homily)

A Place for us in the Kingdom of the Son


Happy feast of Christ, the King of the Universe! Each year, today’s feast of Christ the King marks the end of the Church’s liturgical year and heralds the season of Advent.

In the Gospel reading today (Lk 23:35-43), one of the men crucified with Jesus pleaded: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom” and Jesus gave him the promise: "Indeed, I promise you, today you will be with me in paradise". By the blood of His cross, Jesus reveals His Kingship—not by saving His life, but by offering it as a ransom for ours. He transfers us to “the Kingdom of His beloved Son,” as today’s Epistle tells us: He has taken us out of the power of darkness and created a place for us in the Kingdom of the Son that he loves, and in him, we gain our freedom, the forgiveness of our sins (Col 1:13). This Kingdom is the Church, the new Jerusalem and house of His Kingdom is the Church, God’s house, the new Jerusalem and House of David that the Psalmist invites us to today: Let us go to God’s house! What a great privilege we have of a promised place in the Kingdom and already extended invitation to come into the joys of this Kingdom.

Jesus came to deliver his people, and the whole world, from the worst kind of tyranny possible - from bondage to sin, guilt and condemnation, and from the wages of sin which is death (Romans 6:23). If we follow the Lord Jesus and entrust our lives to him, he will open our eyes to the light of his truth and guide us by his Holy Spirit along the path that leads to our true homeland with God. If we follow the course which is set by the ruler of this present world - a world which is opposed to Christ and blinded by Satan - then we will discover that sin, pride, and deception will lead us down a path of destruction, death, and separation, rather than life, freedom, and friendship with God and the people he has redeemed with the precious blood of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Which Kingdom will you serve - today, tomorrow, and for all eternity? If we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and King and submit to his rule for our lives, we become citizens of heaven and inherit a kingdom ruled by righteousness, peace, and love. Is the Lord Jesus the true King and Master of your life?




You are all welcome to join us for refreshments in the hall after Mass







Deeper in Faith: The group who completed the Journey in Faith program last year wanted to continue their faith journey beyond the programme. We would like to open the invitation to the whole Parish. Father Michael will lead our first session on the ‘Seasons of the Church’ at 6pm, 2nd Sunday of each month. We want participants to influence this programme. We will regularly discuss subjects that the group would like to cover in future sessions, and we will do our best to find speakers to cover those topics. We hope you can join us!


Centenary Celebrations: As part of this event, a group is looking at putting together a presentation on the history of Sacred Heart Parish and we would like to get as many photos and artefacts as possible to display. If you have anything – photos or indeed any memorabilia – that would reflect the history of the parish, we would love to use them. Please leave any contributions clearly named and securely packaged in the sacristy. Another group is hoping to put together a Parish Prayer Book and want to include your favourite prayers.



Volunteers Needed – Carmel Care Lunch Club: 172 Dykes Hall Road S9 4GS: Carmel Care is seeking to recruit two volunteers to set up and run a Lunch Club for adults at Carmel Care. If you are aged 18 or over, able to relate to people with respect and understanding, and willing to give a few hours each week we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact Anne Jenkinson (Co-ordinator) carmelcarecoordinator@hallam-diocese.com


Please consider making your offertory donations to the Parish via Standing Order: Parishioners may prefer to give regularly by standing order since this is an efficient and convenient method. There’s no need for cash or to write cheques. If you would like to donate by standing order, please set this up with your bank. The parish bank account details are Sort Code: 40-41-07 Account no. 21094319. Whether you give by envelope or by standing order, if you are a taxpayer the best way to increase the value of your donations, without it costing you anymore, is to complete a Gift Aid declaration. Gift Aid allows the church to claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 you donate, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. Gift Aid declaration forms are also available at the back of church. Please place completed forms in the Sacristy. As a church community, we are encouraged to increase the amount we give to support our church as income is failing to keep up with growing expenses. Please consider if it is possible to give a bit more. Thank you for everything you already give and do in any way.


For Mass Booking: Please contact Richard on 2343580 or sacredheart479@gmail.com to arrange a Mass for a date of your choice, or give your request in writing to Fr Michael.


Parish Safeguarding Representatives: Fiona O'Farrell. For non-urgent matters, please contact Fiona on 07955 234602, or in church after Mass on Sunday. For urgent matters go to the Hallam Safeguarding Team on 2566453.

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