The Sacred Heart Survey 2017

The Sacred Heart Survey 2017


Setting the Scene

Bishop Ralph is asking all parishes to consider the probability that over the next five years the number of priests in active ministry working in the diocese will be reduced due to retirement, illness, a move to another part of the diocese or by death. In the light of this he has requested that we look at models as to how we develop as parishes in the future, for example, parishes being coupled together sharing one priest or how priests might work together in a Team Ministry with responsibility for a larger pastoral area. 

The Sacred Heart community has a history of embracing change through involving a range of parishioners who have been committed to supporting Father Shaun in to developing the life of the parish.  What we are being asked here is to use the learning from this experience to support the Church in Sheffield move into the future. 

If we are to achieve best possible outcomes from such a process it is important that as many parishioners as possible have the chance to inform the way forward. We have designed the attached survey, which we hope will give you an opportunity to think about what is important to you about parish life, any concerns you may have about any changes that may need to be made and how we might see positives in these changes

Completing the survey is important. The information you give enables you as an Individual, together with others in the Parish community. to have a voice in informing and shaping a future vision for both Parish and Diocese