This team of parishioners serves the parish community, by working in collaboration with the parish priest, to consider and advise on all aspects of parish life and to promote the development of the parish. They are joined by the parish priest, parish secretary and two volunteers who represent the parishioners generally.  Membership of the group changes from time to time.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or maybe concerns you wish to pass on, just contact one of the team. You will find details of their role outlined below and can contact them via the Presbytery number (2343580) should you wish to get in touch. The Parish Council meets once a month, generally on a Thursday evening.

The team is made up of representatives from all areas of parish life:  Liturgy, Mission, Formation in Faith and Spirituality, Young Families and Youth, Finance and Premises, School, Pastoral Care and Social Life.  

Meet the Team

Fr Michael Umameh : Parish Priest

Richard Cooper : Parish Secretary

Tony Strike : Parish Deacon

Pauline McConnon: Chair of Parish Council

Mike Nadin : Co-ordinator of Liturgy Group

Mary Nadin : Formation in Faith and Spirituality

Pete Holland :Lead on ICT communications and Church Website

Martyn Norton : Parish Social Life Liaison

Claire Farrington : part of Developing Spirituality

Andrew Hartley : Chair of Finance and Premise Committee

Darren Leggett and Winnie Lutakome : Youth Friendship Group Liaison

Winnie Lutakome : Sacred Heart Youth Representative