Rembrandt – Monet – Constable: you’d swear they had all converged and were in the Sacred Heart Presbytery on a Wednesday morning! This lively and friendly group of artists (for that is what they are, despite their great modesty) meet on a weekly basis and share, not only their great talents, but also chat, laughter and indeed quiet, reflective time.  They share problems which are not just confined to the brush or palette!

Everyone was keen to convey that there is no competition.  Each individual has skills and experience and expertise are shared freely.   

It all began about 5 years ago when a parishioner had an idea …..  After speaking to Fr Shaun the Art Group was established and has been a regular feature of parish life since then. Barbara is the lead figure of the group and she encourages and cajoles in a most expert way!  Most of the 14 regular members have previous experience of art groups and they are passionate about drawing and painting. 

There is a variety of materials used; acrylic, pastels, water colour and each person chooses what they want to paint using an illustration from a book or photograph as a stimulus.  So, pictures are produced as varied as delightful poppies in a field to an impressive figure of the crucified Christ!  No holds barred!

The group has held several successful Art Shows (both in the Hall and the church itself) raising funds for various church and school projects.  They have also made and sold cards.  Whilst exhibition is not a regular nor compulsory part of the group’s agenda, it is something that happens from time to time.

Members say they have got a lot more involved and interested in painting since joining the group and interest is not just confined to the Wednesday morning sessions. 

Currently, there is no capacity for extending the group membership and there is a waiting list.